Language Arts Sketchnote

I made a sketchnote, and I like the vibrance I have going with the copics so I decided to share it.


Art Project


For Art, our class had to work on choosing an animal and using a media like colored pencils, pastels, acrylic, draw the animal. I chose colored pencils, and this is the white tiger I created on one of those giant pieces of construction papers.

The Start : My First Post

Okay, this is the start of my blog.Hopefully… it won’t be difficult to continue posting to this blog.

The worst that could happen on this blog is greatly feared and may be found challenging to avoid, which is this page turning to dust… Eeek!

Well, okay. If I ever did commit plagiarism, that’d be pretty bad too. I do have to say it would be most likely worse to plagiarize, than the inactiveness that could easily take over this blog to it’s doom.